Wolf’s innovative new lubricant for sustainable gas vehicles


We have further expanded our innovative gas range with the launch of all-new Wolf VITALTECH 5W30 GAS! The new lubricant responds to the growing alternative fuel vehicles market and joins our cutting-edge VITALTECH 5W40 GAS engine oil in our gas line-up.

Over the last few years, the pioneering gas-fueled vehicle market has experienced steady growth in Europe. Now, in 2021, Dual FuelLPG and CNG vehicles make up 3.2% of passenger cars and 1.5% of light duty vehicles. With region-wide investment in gas infrastructure, a shifting automotive industry and the implementation of emissions legislation, the environmental advantages of gas-powered vehicles are becoming increasingly attractive to motorists and fleet managers. 

By far the most common type of gas-powered vehicle is those with a Dual Fuel engine – utilising a combination of either petrol and LPG or petrol and CNG. Dual Fuel vehicles comprise an astonishing 98% of the alternative fuel vehicle market, with much of the popularity due to the ability to retrofit a gas system to an existing model. 

These interesting vehicles come with some complications for technicians and workshops. What is the appropriate choice of engine oil? What specific needs do Dual Fuel vehicles have? 

Well, the use of LPG and CNG leads to higher combustion temperatures. This has the potential to damage valves and cause a buildup of acidic compounds within the engine – something all technicians should be aware of. So, what can be done to address the unique challenges of gas-powered vehicles? 

Wolf Lubricants has continued investment in its GAS range of engine oils – products designed for this growing market. First, we introduced the innovative WOLF VITALTECH 5W40 GAS and now, following further development, we are expanding the GAS range to include the all-new WOLF VITALTECH 5W30 GAS for even greater market coverage.  

Blended from high-quality base oils and a state-of-the-art additive package, Wolf’s GAS range protects the engine’s valves and neutralises the harmful acidic compounds. The engine oils feature excellent fluidity for easier cold starts and superb lubrication for reduced engine wear, while quality ingredients allow for extended drain intervals (in line with manufacturer requirements). They deliver complete protection for Dual Fuel, LPG and CNG powered vehicles. 

But what about other engine types? Well, Wolf’s GAS range can also be used in a variety of petrol and diesel vehicles – significantly simplifying distributor and workshop inventory requirements. WOLF VITALTECH 5W30 GAS and WOLF VITALTECH 5W40 GAS are both available now and come in a broad range of packaging sizes from 1 to 1000 litres. 

In short:

  • The pioneering gas-fueled vehicle market has experienced steady growth in Europe.
  • We have expanded our GAS range with the launch of VITALTECH 5W30 GAS. 
  • This engine oil joins the VITALTECH 5W40 GAS engine oil in our GAS line-up. 
  • Specially designed to meet the requirements of gas-powered vehicles, our GAS range offers an excellent car parc coverage. 
  • Protecting the engine’s valves and neutralising the acidic compounds, this innovative range helps for easier cold starts, reduced engine wear and extended drain intervals!

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